Our Adoption Process....

We love our furry friends and Cat Rangers takes great care in finding the best match for you and for our kitties.  You will be asked to first complete a comprehensive online pre-adoption application form, and then our volunteers will review and check with your vet if you have any existing animals to confirm they are current on vaccines and spayed or neutered. Our adoption counselors will talk with you and make sure you fully understand the commitment of adoption and help you prepare for a new member of the household. (please make sure you have given your vet permission to speak with us)   Personal (non-family) references may also be contacted.  Our team will also conduct a virtual or in person visit to help make sure that you are all set up for a new pet and there are no unusual risks in your environment such as poisonous plants, etc. (Kitty proofing a house does take some expertise)  Finally, we sometimes make personal deliveries of our kitties, especially those who have been homed at our Cat Rangers Center for some time, to make sure that the kitty seems comfortable and not too nervous about the changes.   We know all of our cat lover friends will appreciate the extra care we take to make sure that pet lovers and our kitties find that their match is made in heaven, that last a lifetime!  Our core principles are directed toward providing kitties the longest and safest lives and that means an indoor home and we do not condone declawing so we choose not to be approve adoption to an applicant who wants to declaw a cat. Our adoption fee is currently $155 per cat and we ALWAYS accept larger donations to help run our operations and rescue more kitties. This includes testing for FIV and Felv, multiple vaccinations, flea and parasite treatments, microchipping and spay or neuter. 

We are not able adopt to families who live more than 2 hours away as it is difficult to provide support. However, in certain circumstances we will consider longer distance adoptions for juvenile or adult already spay/neutered cats if the adopter has a very compelling application and credentials, but virtual home visits, reference checks and approved applications are still required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like to reference a copy of your application and keep track of cats you are interested in, please sign up on the MY RESCUE page BEFORE you complete the adoption application.  There are some handy tools on this page, but you have to sign up before completing any forms.

To adopt a pet from CatRangers, please complete our online pre-adoption application and complete the online adoption contract (which will not take effect until adoption is approved and cat is delivered). Ideally you will have identified one or more kitties on our website that you are interested in.   We are working very hard to keep this website information fresh and up to date with our latest kitties.   Your application will be reviewed and a phone interview will be scheduled and a virtual home review scheduled.  If you decide to adopt, your new companion will either be delivered to your home by a CatRanger or a coordinated handoff or pickup will be arranged.   


Click here for  online pre-adoption application   

Click here for online adoption contract      (Please submit at same time as application to keep process flowing).

Please note that cats cannot be officially reserved until a pre-adoption application is approved and paid. We may accept multiple applications for a single cat as we work to match our kitties with their best possible forever home.  

Our process goes the extra mile and takes some extra time because we take great care in making proper matches for our kitties and because we are so limited in available volunteers (we are always seeking volunteers... please apply online).  We truly appreciate your patience and support of our loving process.


You can help the process move more quickly by taking the following steps:  

  • If you have a vet, please contact them and have authorized them to talk to our adoption coordinator and request they respond quickly.  Current pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations and all cats must be spayed/neutered. 
  • If renting, please give your landlord a heads up that CatRangers may be calling to confirm that pets are allowed under terms of your lease.
  • Please include as much information about your experience and care for animals for our adoption team. Our team works very hard to make the best match possible for our kitties and detailed information helps a bunch.

Please email us at adoptions@catrangers.org with process questions or to check on a specific cat or status of application.  Our MyRescue page lets you set up a login on our website and save kitties you are interested in and it stores your application forms there.    We invite you to consider a monthly sponsoring  for one of our kitties while you are looking around!


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